Dietary supplements



The history of KFD brand dates back to the year 2000 and brings together several cooperating and independent entities.

At the beginning they were dedicated to the creation of social networking sites that consociated people practicing various sports and taking care of their health or physique – leading to the inception of KFD Forum, known for many years now.
In parallel, but independently, there was created the Wholesale Company of KFD which offered wholesale and retail sales of preparations for athletes.
Due to the huge popularity and success of both projects, as well as the trust of more than 1 million members and clients, the decision was made to establish a company specializing in the creation of supplements and establishment of KFD Nutrition company, presented then in all its glory at the FIBO 2014 in Cologne (Germany).



Product Catalogue

Full offer of the Premium Line. Each product contains full description and information about available flavours.

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All products offered by KFD Nutrition are tested and controlled on a regular basis.

Each batch of a raw material have current certifications and quality certificates. We allow our customers to perform independent research, which prove that what the labels coincide with what is inside.


KFD dietary supplements contain only legal and safe ingredients.

Not only the quality is most important for us, but also the fact that our products are safe for health. We use only legal ingredients and avoid these controversial, such as aspartame or artificial colourings.

Recommended by customers

Thousands of satisfied customers.

With high quality and reasonable price, many customers choose to purchase products offered by KFD Nutrition and later decide to buy on a regular basis.

Lots of flavours to choose from

Our supplements are available in many different, even unusual, but polished flavours. With no unnecessary additives, such as artificial colourings, thickeners or flavour-enhancers. We do not use any controversial sweeteners, such as aspartame. In order to meet the needs of the most demanding customers, we have also created natural flavours of products that do not contain any additives.