100 tabs.
kofeina 100 tabletek

KFD Caffeine – 100 tabs.

KFD Caffeine is pure caffeine. Caffeine is a substance which works on many levels; it stimulates the central nervous system and vegetative centers: respiratory, vasomotoric and vagus nerve; it also proves to have superior thermogenic impact on the body – transforms calories into heat, which enhances significantly the metabolic rate.

Caffeine tends to stimulate the cerebral cortex, which results in imporved mind functioning and counters the fatigue.
KFD Caffeine is recommended for active adults (excluding pregnant women and breasfeeding mothers), especially for sportspersons and exposed to increased physical and mental effort, drivers and university students during the exams.

KFD Caffeine:

– contains whooping 200 mg of caffeine per pill,
– boosts energy levels,
– counters physical and mental fatigue,
– enhances mental abilities,
– enhances training capacity significantly,
– boosts the metabolic rate due to the thermogenic effect.