600 ML
shaker zielony

KFD SHAKER PRO 600 ml – Green

KFD – SHAKER PRO Twist-off is a professional shaker which can hold up to 600 ml (20 fl oz) of liquid, with measure markings on the side and shaker strainer.

This offer includes green colour options; shakers are also available in yellow (click here).

Each container has imprinted KFD logo and inscription of your choice.

Four inscription options available:

– “Do you even lift, bro?”
– “Squat now, enjoy later”
– “Don’t stop, push harder”
– “Shut up & squat”

Professional execution makes KFD shakers perfectly leakproof. There is no possibility of leakage after the lid was tightly twisted.
Transparent see-through container allows to control the amount of liquid inside.

Perfect for protein shakes, gainers and other supplements that require mixing with water.